From a believer to a successful music artist, meet Prymrr.

Prymrr showcased her tenacity and passion on dance floors as well as on music charts as a hip-hop and musical artist.
Prymrr showcased her tenacity and passion on dance floors as well as on music charts as a hip-hop and musical artist.

Prymrr showcased her tenacity and passion on dance floors as well as on music charts as a hip-hop and musical artist.

Some may take years to build their careers as they realize their dreams later in life. In contrast, there are a few rare gems who realize their dreams much earlier in life, even as kids, and go straight ahead in spellbinding the world with their innate skills and talents, much like how Prymrr did in her diverse career as a dancer, rapper, model, actor and a singer, who has so far set outstanding records with her unique tracks charting on both iTunes and Spotify, and still on her way to create more bangers that can help her kick it out of the park in the world of music as a highly talented young American recording artist. She is much more than this, acing the game of artistry in the music and entertainment realms.

Prymrr, pronounced as “premiere,” is a name that resonates with the beat of the generation. The young and high-performing American dancer, singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and model, even, after being at the cusp of achieving massive global artistic status, still believes in continuously honing her skills and gaining more artistic knowledge to get better at all that she chooses to do in her career. Her journey from Bakersfield, California’s dance studios, to the world’s grand stages exemplifies her passion for art and unwavering commitment to creating more milestones in her career.

A deep passion marked the Californian talent’s early life for the arts. At age two, she began dancing. Later, she competed in dance competitions and was seen on “Dance Moms”. She earned accolades for her performances, dancing on stages with well-known artists such as Silento. Her big breakthrough came when she was cast in Sia’s music video for “Never Give Up,” which garnered 100s of millions of views. Her soulful, dynamic, and powerful performance in the video captivated all, earning her great acclaim. This opportunity opened doors to more exciting projects, and she was even offered, but declined, a starring role in “Dance Moms” for the Abby Lee Dance Company. Then, her transition to recording music showcased her natural talent and exceptional musical skills, guaranteeing she was not just a dancer and was meant to be rapping and singing center stage

With a desire to explore other artistic avenues, Prymrr ventured into the music world and released her debut single, GAMBLiN.’ This bold statement showcased her raw talent and unique musical style, instantly drawing more attention from listeners and earning her solid critical acclaim and recognition. Drawing inspiration from R&B, Pop, hip-hop, and neo-soul, her music today reflects her unique talent for blending these genres, setting her apart from the rest. Her introspective and personal lyrics, which reflect her own struggles and experiences, add a layer of depth to her music, making it all the more intriguing.

In 2023, Prymrr released several new singles, including “MON$T3R$” and “WYA, both charting on iTunes. When “Whodie”  just released this year, it skyrocketed to the top of iTunes, and with the anticipation of “Painted Paradise” forthcoming Summer 2024, we are all on our toes to see what Prymrr does next. Every new single showcases her growth as a musical artist and her willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles. Currently, she is working on her highly anticipated debut album, which is expected to drop later this year.

Prymrr continues to evolve as a rapper and music artist and has also consistently pushed boundaries. Besides raising the bar in music, Prymrr has also won hearts by being associated with social causes. Using her platform and prominence as a recording artist, she has raised awareness on issues like body positivity, mental health, and the importance of following one’s dreams, which has also empowered many young talents. Even amidst her busy schedule, Prymrr remains deeply connected to her roots. She often returns to her hometown to give back to the community that has always supported her from the beginning of her career.

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