Ariana Grande’s album features astrologer Diana Garland

Many aspiring artists aim to be sampled by one of the world's greatest pop celebrities.
Many aspiring artists aim to be sampled by one of the world's greatest pop celebrities.

Many aspiring artists aim to be sampled by one of the world’s greatest pop celebrities.

A surprising addition to Ariana Grande‘s latest album, Eternal Sunshine, has caught the attention of fans and critics alike. One of the tracks, “Saturn Returns Interlude,” incorporates a 42-second spoken-word segment sourced from a YouTube clip by astrologer Diana Garland.

Unforeseen Encounter

Despite never having listened to Grande’s music, Garland’s voice found its way onto the album, reaching the top of charts in both the UK and US upon release. The interlude features Garland’s reflections on Saturn’s impact, urging listeners to awaken to life’s realities and embrace self-discovery.

Internet Anecdote Turns Collaboration

Recalling her initial skepticism when approached for permission to use her clip, Garland admits she was initially hesitant due to the unfamiliarity of the request.

 However, persistent efforts from the music licensing company eventually convinced her, prompting her son to seek verification of the request’s legitimacy.

Astrological Significance of Saturn

In addition to Grande’s album, Saturn has garnered attention in recent musical releases, including tracks by Kacey Musgraves and SZA. 

Garland explains that astrologers attribute significance to Saturn’s return, a concept revolving around the planet’s 28- to 29-year orbit aligning with individuals’ birth charts. 

This phenomenon, known as “the Saturn Return,” symbolizes a period of self-reflection and transformation in astrology.

The unexpected collaboration between Grande and Garland underscores the diverse influences shaping contemporary music and highlights the enduring fascination with astrological concepts in popular culture.

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