Neil Young returns music to Spotify amid controversy 

Neil Young has said his songs will be back on Spotify, ending a two-year sanction over Joe Rogan's podcast.
Neil Young has said his songs will be back on Spotify, ending a two-year sanction over Joe Rogan's podcast.

Neil Young has said his songs will be back on Spotify, ending a two-year sanction over Joe Rogan’s podcast.


In 2022, musician Neil Young made headlines when he demanded that Spotify remove his music, including hits like “Harvest Moon” and “Heart of Gold,” due to concerns about Joe Rogan spreading vaccine misinformation on his podcast. 

However, Young’s recent decision to return his music to the streaming platform has sparked renewed debate, highlighting the complex relationship between artists, streaming platforms, and freedom of expression.

Young’s Initial Protest:

Young’s initial decision to remove his music from Spotify was motivated by his objection to Joe Rogan’s dissemination of vaccine misinformation on his podcast. 

Despite Spotify representing a significant portion of his streaming revenue, Young took a principled stance against what he perceived as life-threatening misinformation being spread to the public.

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Return to Spotify:

Young’s recent decision to return his music to Spotify has stirred controversy, with many questioning whether it represents a reversal of his stance. 

Young clarified that his return was not a change in opinion but rather a response to Rogan’s $250 million deal to make his podcast available on multiple platforms, thereby diminishing Spotify’s exclusivity.

Challenges Faced by Artists:

Young’s dilemma underscores the challenges faced by artists in navigating the digital landscape and balancing financial considerations with ethical concerns. 

While Young’s protest initially garnered support from other artists like Joni Mitchell and India Arie, the complexities of the situation highlight the limitations of individual actions in addressing systemic issues within the industry.

Ongoing Controversies Surrounding Joe Rogan:

The Joe Rogan Experience, known for its wide-ranging interviews, has been a source of controversy for Spotify. 

Rogan has faced criticism for using racist language in early episodes of the podcast, prompting apologies and calls for accountability. 

Despite these controversies, Rogan’s podcast remains immensely popular and influential, underscoring the challenges faced by platforms in managing content and public discourse.


Neil Young’s decision to return his music to Spotify amidst the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan’s podcast reflects the complexities of the modern digital landscape for artists. 

As debates around freedom of expression, misinformation, and platform accountability continue, artists, platforms, and audiences alike are faced with difficult questions about the intersection of art, commerce, and responsibility in the digital age.

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