Yaribey Baro: Master of Hair Artistry and Kids Yoga Enthusiast

Blending Cuban Roots, Artistic Hairstyling, and Holistic Wellness


From the sunny shores of Cuba to the bustling streets of the United States, Yaribey Baro’s journey is as colorful and dynamic as the hair masterpieces she crafts. With 18 enriching years as a hairstylist, her brushes have painted a myriad of styles, elevating the confidence of countless clients.

Rooted in Cuban Heritage

Born in Cuba, Yaribey moved to the United States when she was 18. This transition allowed her to merge the vibrant energy of her homeland with the innovative styling techniques of the US. The result? A unique and passionate approach to hairstyling that stands out in the industry.

Hair: More Than Just Style

To Yaribey, hair is not just a feature—it’s a canvas. “Hair is an art form and a powerful way to express oneself,” she often remarks. Specializing in personalized styles, she crafts designs that don’t just fit her clients but amplify their unique essence.

Constantly updating her skills and knowledge, Yaribey remains a student of the craft. As a certified expert in multiple color systems, she keeps abreast of the latest trends, ensuring her clients receive nothing but the best.

Beyond The Chair: Kids Yoga Instructor

While she’s made a significant mark in the hairstyling realm, Yaribey’s passions aren’t confined to it. Embracing the holistic philosophy of well-being, she’s ventured into teaching kids’ yoga. A practice she ardently believes instills healthy habits and fosters a positive mindset from a young age.

It’s no surprise that the same dedication and passion Yaribey brings to hairstyling are mirrored in her yoga teachings. Committed to spreading wellness, she views both her professions as mediums to empower, uplift, and transform.

Unwavering Support

Gratitude is a cornerstone of Yaribey’s persona. The trust and support from her clients, coupled with the steadfast belief of her family and friends, have been instrumental in her journey. Their faith fuels her creativity and drive.

Connect with Yaribey

For a peek into Yaribey’s world of hairstyling wonders and inspiring yoga sessions, follow her on Instagram @yaribey_. Dive into a world where artistry meets wellness, and where each strand of hair tells a story.

Yaribey Baro is not just a name. It’s a brand, a philosophy, and a testament to dedication, passion, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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