Meet Amilya Antonetti: The Queen of Win.

“Woman of the Decade” Amilya, a human behaviorist, strategist, crisis manager, creator, and CEO of Designing Genius, excels at unlocking people’s highest potential.
“Woman of the Decade” Amilya, a human behaviorist, strategist, crisis manager, creator, and CEO of Designing Genius, excels at unlocking people’s highest potential.

“Woman of the Decade” Amilya, a human behaviorist, strategist, crisis manager, creator, and CEO of Designing Genius, excels at unlocking people’s highest potential.

A few female leaders, experts, top voices, authors, entrepreneurs, and other professionals ensure to carve their unique niche in all that they choose to lay their hands on and, most importantly, in the process, also make sure to lead others on their path of immense growth and success by helping them unlock their highest potential. We couldn’t help but notice the consistent rise of one such incredible professional of several talents, Amilya Antonetti.

Amilya Antonetti today stands as a multifaceted professional who is more than what meets the eye. Also called the “The Queen of Win” for a reason, she was awarded “Woman of the Decade” by the Women Economic Forum in 2019 for her illustrious career and achievements as a human behaviorist, strategic advisor expert, crisis manager, creator, and CEO of Designing Genius – the world’s people solution platform for your C-suite, and to provide your managers with the tools they need to thrive. She has been leading the “People First Initiative,” reinventing the handshake between HI (Human Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

She is the one who has made people believe in the power of their desired lives and their idea of being their best selves, with the steps to get there. The renowned human behaviorist and conflict resolution expert, known for creating strategic alliances in life and business, with her over 25 years of rich experiences, has helped people unlock their potential and companies to build their capacity to scale. Her transformative approaches, guiding people and businesses to the highest potential, have also brought her to the forefront.

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Her out-of-the-box business model is now considered a required study at various business universities worldwide and has also been featured on top media outlets like People Magazine, Forbes, Time, Smart Money, and many others. This is one of the reasons that led her to be among Jack Canfield’s “The 55 people you must meet.” Her deep behavior knowledge and “in the trench” experience as a CEO helped her make six successful exits and lead 53,000 employees across the globe. She excels at bringing out real-time knowledge to serve others through her content, speaking engagements, and software solutions.

Amilya is known for bringing people’s solutions to people’s problems and inspiring transformation with true measuable progress. She ensures that she utilizes technology, behavior sciences, and value drivers, combined with her vast knowledge of leadership, technology, business, systems, and behavior processes, to enlighten audiences and empower leaders to achieve their desired personal and professional outcomes. So far, she has built or advised on more than $2 billion in sales for companies and several high-profile clients like Steve Harvey, Mass Mutual, TX CPA Association, Cold Stone Creamery, Alliance Financial Group, Listerine Strips, and so many others.

As the CEO and Creator of Designing Genius, she offers a powerful tech and data software solution, changing the paradigm on how companies and the greatest asset, “people,” come together stronger than ever. Bob Berg, well-renowned author of “Go-Giver,” in his foreword for her latest book on Designing Genius, said that Designing Genius helps individuals move from where they are now to where they want to be, instilling a sense of self-confidence.

Amilya and the Designing Genius programs (B2B and B2C) serve individuals, corporations, enterprises, and teams. They have introduced “People’s Tools” for “People’s Problems,” with easy, quick, and transformational behavior modification techniques, workshops, games, and development sequences to bring people together and unite them, their purpose, and companies synergistically.

Her free gift “The 100 Million Dollar Truths: Get the 10 things I wish someone told me before growing my company to 100M,” she provides invaluable insights that she wishes someone had shared with her before she began her career and grew her company to a $100M enterprise. Her most recent book, “Designing Genius: Success is an inward journey, can be ordered on Amazon. It is touted to provide the reader with their truth on their relationship with time, money, focus, freedom and happiness, and the steps you need to take if you wish to uplevel your life.

She believes everyone is only three steps away from turning the impossible into the possible with actionable and measurable changes. Her no-nonsense approach has helped several individuals who once were stuck become champions at their work and in life. Her consistent achievements and determination to see others win also led her to the popular The Oprah Winfrey Show and The  Steve Harvey Show as a guest expert. She has also been a recognized contributor on CNBC and Fox News and BBC, as well as appeared on daytime TV with Dr. Phil, Today Show, CBC This Morning, and Extra.

Amilya Antonetti was nominated twice for Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Her success is also evident in her growing seven clients on the Inc. 500 | 5000 list of fastest-growing companies and winning many other awards and accolades. Her unique business models, incredible and innovative approaches to helping individuals and businesses achieve their definitions of success, and astute business acumen have all also made her a sought-after speaker and trainer. Her powerful presentations as the AI Summit, Secret Knock, Global Leadership Confeence, Inner Circle Expereince, Wealth Summit, Thynk Billions, TX Woman Conference and more, leaves audiences with immediate take home value that can be implemented NOW.

Amilya Antonetti (@amilya_antonetti) inspires people to decode the key to finding their genius and the genius of everyone in their organization, together we all can be contributing to a better world. The Queen of Win for a reason.

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