The Multifaceted Journey of Rob Wagner: From Athletic Prowess to Entrepreneurial Success


A Legacy of Triumph Across Sports and Business

Rob Wagner’s story is one of relentless ambition and diversified excellence, drawing from a rich family history steeped in entrepreneurship. His grandfather, Robert J. Wagner, laid a solid foundation with successful ventures in oil and gold mining, influencing Rob’s own path to success. Born and raised in Loma Linda, CA, and shaped by the rugged landscapes of Colorado, Rob has carved a niche for himself that spans across athletics, business, and beyond.

Champion on the Field and Beyond

Rob Wagner’s journey began at Elizabeth High School in Colorado, where he first showcased his athletic talents, helping his team clinch a state football championship. His sports career flourished further during his years at Western State Colorado University, where he not only excelled in football but also ventured into rugby and boxing. As a rugby back, he ranked among the top ten nationally, leading his team to memorable playoff victories on the icy fields of Lincoln, Nebraska.

His boxing career was equally impressive, reaching its zenith in 2017 when Rob claimed the national championship title in the open heavyweight division. His academic pursuits paralleled his athletic ones, as he graduated with a degree in Politics and Government, a pre-law emphasis, and a minor in economics.

Building a Business Empire

Post-college, Rob transitioned into the construction industry, quickly ascending to top sales positions. His prowess in sales extended to other arenas, including home improvement, solar energy, and real estate, reflecting his ability to adapt and excel. In 2018, he secured the CO golden glove boxing state championship heavyweight title, continuing his streak as a top national contender.

Rob’s move back to California marked a new chapter in his career. He became a leading figure in sales, particularly in solar and real estate sectors, while also engaging with the cryptocurrency markets. His entrepreneurial spirit blossomed with the establishment of Desert Star Power, a premier solar company based in Joshua Tree, underlining his commitment to sustainable business practices.

Personal Life and New Ventures

Rob’s personal life is as fulfilling as his professional endeavors. Married to a former Maxim model of Colombian and Italian descent, he is a devoted family man with a newborn son, Maximus. His passion for martial arts is evident in his engagement with Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, where he has earned a blue belt.

Expanding his horizons, Rob has also ventured into the entertainment industry, landing roles in feature films directed by notables like Isabel Pakzad and James Franco. He recently filmed a scene at the iconic Invisible House alongside rising stars such as Bella Thorne, showcasing his versatility and charisma.

A True Champion’s Vision

Rob Wagner is not just an athlete, a businessman, or an actor; he is a visionary whose multifaceted pursuits are guided by an insatiable thirst for excellence. For those seeking expertise in solar and real estate in Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, and Orange County, Rob Wagner offers an unparalleled opportunity to partner with a leader who is redefining the landscape of success.

Connect with Rob at 951-234-9822 or visit to explore how his visionary approach can help elevate your aspirations in the ever-evolving world of solar energy and real estate.

Gary Monroe

Gary Monroe is a seasoned contributor to the Los Angeles Business Magazine, where he offers insightful analysis on local business trends and economic developments. With a focus on Los Angeles' dynamic commercial landscape, Gary's articles provide valuable perspectives for entrepreneurs and business professionals in the city.

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