Piers Morgan moves show to YouTube for longer, global reach

Piers Morgan is taking his everyday Uncensored show off TalkTV to concentrate on its YouTube channel.
Piers Morgan is taking his everyday Uncensored show off TalkTV to concentrate on its YouTube channel.

Piers Morgan is taking his everyday Uncensored show off TalkTV to concentrate on its YouTube channel.

Piers Morgan, renowned broadcaster and presenter, has announced a shift of his show from traditional television to online platforms, citing the need for longer, more in-depth interviews and the opportunity to attract a wider global audience.

Motivation for the Move

Morgan expressed frustration with the limitations imposed by traditional television schedules, labeling them as an “unnecessary straitjacket.” Moving online allows him to conduct more extensive interviews and reach a broader audience beyond geographical boundaries.

Online Presence and Global Reach

With a substantial following on YouTube, boasting 2.35 million subscribers, Morgan’s show already garners significantly more viewership than its traditional television counterpart. 

This move is expected to capitalize on the online platform’s reach and engagement potential.

Impact on TalkTV and Traditional TV

Morgan’s departure from TalkTV, established by News UK as an alternative news source, raises questions about the channel’s future and the role of traditional television in the evolving media landscape. 

His decision underscores the shifting preferences of audiences towards on-demand, digital content.

Adapting to Audience Preferences

Morgan emphasized the importance of adapting to audience preferences, acknowledging the demand for flexible consumption of content. 

He highlighted the need for agility in delivering news and interviews, citing an example where delaying an interview until the scheduled TV broadcast would have led to missing out on breaking news.

Embracing Online Platforms

In conversations with media outlets, Morgan expressed his desire to provide longer interviews, catering to the preferences of the YouTube audience. He recognizes the appeal of allowing interviews to run for extended durations, aligning with the viewing habits of online audiences.


Piers Morgan’s decision to transition his show online reflects the changing dynamics of media consumption and the increasing prominence of digital platforms. 

By embracing online channels, Morgan aims to deliver content tailored to modern audience preferences, while also tapping into the global reach offered by the digital landscape.

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