Los Angeles mother accused of daughter’s murder appears in Court

Maria Avalos is charged with killing Mia; investigators think she was strangled.
Maria Avalos is charged with killing Mia; investigators think she was strangled.

Maria Avalos is charged with killing Mia; investigators think she was strangled.


Maria Avalos, a 38-year-old mother accused of killing her 4-year-old daughter, Mia, made her initial court appearance. 

The family, devastated by the tragedy, shared images of Mia during happier times. Mia’s godmother, Noemi Lopez, expressed her profound grief, emphasizing the close bond she shared with the young girl.

Family’s Heartbreaking Loss:

The family shared pictures of Mia in happier moments, highlighting the stark contrast with the tragic events that unfolded. Noemi Lopez, Mia’s godmother, described the close relationship she had with Mia, expressing deep love for the child, who was “like a daughter” to her.

Change in Living Arrangements:

Lopez revealed that Mia, her mother, and her boyfriend had been living with her in East Los Angeles. 

However, the dynamics drastically changed after the accusation of Mia’s murder against her mother. The family now faces the immense challenge of coping with the loss and the shocking turn of events.

Emotional Testimony:

Lopez shared the emotional impact of the situation, describing Mia as her best friend and sister. The tragedy has left her grappling with the loss of Mia and the incarceration of her goddaughter’s mother. Moving forward from this devastating incident poses a significant challenge for Lopez and the entire family.

Unclear Investigation Details:

While details of the investigation remain unclear, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call last Thursday at Civic Center Way in East Los Angeles. Mia was found unresponsive, leading to the arrest of her mother, Maria Avalos.


The appearance of Maria Avalos in court and the family’s shared memories of Mia shed light on the profound grief and heartbreak resulting from this tragic incident. 

As the investigation unfolds, the family and the community grapple with the emotional toll of Mia’s untimely death and the legal proceedings against her mother.

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