Championing Sustainability and Inclusivity: The Story of Debanjali Kamstra

From Entrepreneurship in the UAE to the Global Pageant Stage, Kamstra Leaves a Mark of Excellence.


In the glittering skyline of the United Arab Emirates, a name stands tall, not for constructing skyscrapers but for building dreams and fostering sustainable growth – Debanjali Kamstra. As the founder of Veloche Contracting LLC and Ventura LLC, Kamstra’s vision goes beyond mere business. She envisions a world where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but a lifestyle, intertwined in our daily routines, business strategies, and personal goals.

Her enterprises have emerged as significant employment hubs, ushering in over 100 individuals into its fold. More than just employment, Kamstra’s organizations are platforms of opportunity – offering sustenance, education, and growth. This is especially evident in the way these entities have impacted underserved rural regions beyond the UAE, lighting up lives and dreams.

However, her commitment doesn’t stop at the boardroom. The world of pageantry has witnessed the grace and purpose of Kamstra. On July 12th, 2023, she was crowned Mrs. EARTH UAE. From there, her journey took her to the global stage in Manila, where she astounded all by becoming Mrs. EARTH 2023. It wasn’t just her elegance that stole the show, but her profound understanding of environmental challenges and genuine concern for Mother Earth. Her mission was clear – to champion a sustainable lifestyle, not just in the UAE, but globally.

Back in 2021, Kamstra showcased her brilliance on another prestigious platform. Representing UAE in the dazzling city of Las Vegas, she clinched the title of Mrs. World UAE at the esteemed Mrs. World competition. Out of 45 countries, Kamstra’s commitment and passion saw her emerge as the 2nd runner up.

Apart from sustainability, Kamstra carries a deep-rooted advocacy for Autism. Recognizing the pressing need for inclusivity, she continuously champions the cause of integrating autistic children into mainstream society. Her dedication to this mission is unwavering, and her efforts continue to impact countless lives every day.

With a life that reads like a tale of passion, purpose, and persistence, Debanjali Kamstra is truly a beacon for many. From the entrepreneurial arenas of the UAE to the global stages of pageantry, she stands as a testament to what vision coupled with commitment can achieve.

For a closer look into her journey and to stay updated with her ventures, follow her on Instagram @debanjalikamstra.

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