Brigitte Bartley Sawyer: Grace, Resilience, and Authentic Empowerment

From Bestselling Author to Celebrated Entrepreneur – The Journey of a Modern-Day Icon


Brigitte Bartley Sawyer is not just another name in the entrepreneurial world. As the Chief People Officer of Sawyer Business Group, she stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, authenticity, and true spiritual depth. Alongside her husband, Tony Sawyer, the founder and CEO, Brigitte’s influence is deeply felt.

Her bestselling contributions, including “The Energy of Happiness”, “Signs”, and the recently launched “Creating Space”, reflect her profound understanding of the delicate balance between mental strength, nutrition, and spiritual growth. With a journey spanning over 17 years, Brigitte is not just someone who preaches; she embodies her teachings, having transformed every challenge into a valuable lesson.

Being a single mother to three children and a shining light in the corporate domain might seem contradictory to some. But for Brigitte, each role was a stepping stone, a chapter in her empowering story that resonates with a wide array of audiences.

Such accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. The NYC Magazine recently hailed her as one of the “Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2023”. This recognition is further solidified by features in prominent platforms like Yahoo Finance, HuffMag, and Global NewsWire.

What truly sets Brigitte apart is her holistic approach to wellness. As a certified Reiki master and life coach, she brilliantly combines ‘woo’ with actionable tools. It’s an innovative approach where spiritual growth doesn’t float in abstract but is deeply rooted in daily practicalities. This harmonizes the journey to success and personal fulfillment.

For those eager to gain insights from Brigitte, there’s an exciting opportunity on the horizon. Next week, in San Diego, she will be joining her business mentor and long-time friend, Rebecca Cafiero, at The Pitch Club. This 3-day LIVE event is designed for ambitious women entrepreneurs. Attendees can look forward to expert speakers, Guided Morning Workouts, Collaboration Opportunities, Nightly Events, and even Live Coaching sessions.

Want to connect directly with Brigitte Bartley Sawyer? Engage with her on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

In a world filled with fleeting success stories, Brigitte remains an epitome of grace in action, ever inspiring and eternally authentic.

Morgan Snyder

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Morgan began his career as a staff writer for a small newspaper in his hometown before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a correspondent. He quickly made a name for himself in the industry, earning praise for his coverage of everything from politics and crime to culture and entertainment.

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