The Multifaceted Journey of Louise George: From Screen to Transformational Success


Unveiling the Power of Manifestation FREQ: How Louise George is Revolutionizing Personal Development and Entrepreneurship

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and personal development, few figures shine as brightly as Louise George. Her eclectic journey through acting, broadcasting, and now as a transformational coach and entrepreneur, exemplifies a story of resilience, creativity, and passion. Louise’s upcoming venture, “Manifestation FREQ,” promises to be a seminal work in the field, offering insights into the art of manifestation and soul-aligned success.

A Trailblazing Path in Acting and Broadcasting

Louise George’s career in the entertainment industry spans over two decades, showcasing her versatility and talent. Her roles in films like “Our Kind of Traitor” with Ewan McGregor and Damian Lewis, and a part in the long-standing soap “Eastenders,” have cemented her status in the acting world. Additionally, her work as a published children’s and self-help author reflects her deep understanding of Mindset and Manifestation.

Transformation Through Coaching and Speaking

Transitioning from the screen to the realm of personal development, Louise has emerged as a transformational speaker and certified coach for over ten years. Her expertise in mBIT (multi-Brain Integration), Meditation, Self-Concept & Law of Assumption, Neuroscience, and Transformational Coaching, form the backbone of her unique programs under AMPLIFIED. Her signature process, “Manifestation FREQ,” is not just a method but a movement, encapsulated in her eagerly anticipated book set to launch in January 2024.

Global Impact and Empowerment

Louise’s influence extends globally, with her presence felt in prestigious events like the Awakened Woman Conference in Bali and the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in the UK. Her workshops and retreats, spanning from the UK to Bali and California, have profoundly impacted countless individuals, aiding them in their transformational journeys.

Overcoming Adversity

Louise’s path hasn’t been devoid of challenges. Confronting burnout and anxiety, she faced severe panic attacks, prompting a period of healing and reflection. This experience has only deepened her resolve to assist women entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives in mastering the interplay of manifestation and business strategy.

The Essence of Manifestation FREQ

Louise’s “Manifestation FREQ” underscores the concept that manifestation is not mere magic, but a frequency that can be tapped into for transformative change. Her forthcoming book and online course aim to demystify this process, empowering individuals to connect with their deepest desires, overcome obstacles, and manifest their aspirations.

Looking to the Future

With her book nearing completion, Louise George is set to elevate her message to global audiences, advocating the principles of intentional manifestation. Concurrently, she’s pitching a TV series based on her Grandad’s WWII experiences and expanding her podcast series, broadening her reach and impact.

Louise George’s journey is more than just a career; it’s a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how one can traverse multiple paths and emerge as a guiding light in the realms of personal development and entrepreneurship. Through “Manifestation FREQ,” she invites us all to partake in a journey of transformation, self-discovery, and ultimate success.

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