Sierra Taylor: Championing Real Estate for Veterans

An Exclusive Interview with the Veteran Transforming the Real Estate Landscape for her Fellow Servicemembers


Real estate isn’t an industry you stumble upon; it is a path you carve for yourself. That’s the philosophy Sierra Taylor lives by, and she shares with us the beginnings, the challenges, and the future of her real estate journey.

Taylor started her journey in real estate at the tender age of 12, learning the ropes from her parents. They would purchase homes, restore them, and then rent them out. Under the tutelage of her stepfather, Taylor learned to do everything from bricklaying and plumbing to painting and sheetrock. By 15, Taylor was a seasoned home restorer, and this early exposure to real estate paved the way for her career.

Taylor emphasized the importance of self-reflection, taking the time to evaluate her progress and growth at the end of each day and week. Remembering where she started helps her appreciate how far she’s come and fuels her determination for future endeavors.

Her role isn’t without its challenges, though. As a mother, Taylor finds it hard to separate work from home life, often caught in work mode while with her daughter. This delicate balancing act is her most difficult task, but one she continually strives to perfect.

When asked about advice for aspiring professionals in the field, Taylor’s wisdom was simple yet profound. “Find a work-life balance, take a step back from making excuses, be teachable, and do what you said you would do.” This advice reflects not only her strong work ethic but also her commitment to honesty and accountability.

To Taylor, collaboration isn’t merely about working together. She sees it as a form of accountability, a way to enhance professional relationships, and a mechanism to break down barriers between people. She views collaboration as the backbone of her brand, the gateway to closing deals and building robust relationships with other professionals.

Her choice to work in real estate was not a random one. As a veteran, Taylor knew the potential wealth that real estate could provide, and she wanted to help other veterans see it too. Her mission now revolves around selling real estate to veterans, helping them achieve the financial stability they deserve.

In the next five years, Taylor envisions her brand growing exponentially, both personally and professionally. She aims to expand her family, her health and wealth goals, and her real estate portfolio. But above all, she hopes to create a federally funded financial institution dedicated to assisting service members with home buying and estate planning necessities.

Sierra Taylor isn’t just a real estate professional; she’s a trailblazer in the industry, using her experiences and expertise to change the landscape for her fellow veterans. Her dedication to her work and commitment to helping others sets her apart and will undoubtedly continue to inspire many in the years to come.

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