Sewing the Seeds of Change: Valeriya Hjertenaes and the Evolution of Sustainable Fashion

Crafting a Sustainable Future in the Global Fashion Industry with Valeriya Hjertenaes at the Helm


Valeriya Hjertenaes, a force of nature in the world of sustainable fashion, weaves her tapestry of change with an undying passion. Hailing from Ukraine, Valeriya has carved a unique niche for herself in this rapidly evolving industry. As a PhD researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology International Development Norway AS, Valeriya’s work explores the power of diversity in managing sustainable international projects. Her unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion forms the backbone of her ongoing PhD group project for Femern, one of the world’s most extensive infrastructure projects.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword for Valeriya. As a dedicated advocate for environmental responsibility, she has actively participated in various projects to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. She heads several cooperation projects between Norway and Ukraine, demonstrating her commitment to sustainability and international collaboration.

In her pursuit of fostering sustainable practices, Valeriya has established the “Mayday Charity Foundation,” providing much-needed assistance to orphanages for physically disabled children in Odessa, Ukraine. She has also made significant strides in assisting Ukrainian refugees’ resettlement in Norway, a testament to her profound empathy and sense of social responsibility.

A trailblazer in her right, Valeriya’s impact goes beyond her immediate environment. As a member of the Global Women Leaders Committee and international partner for Norway, WBAF (World Business Angels Investment forum), she mentors businesses at GLEAC international Mentor Community, specializing in Diversity Management, SDG, DEI.

Valeriya’s advocacy for sustainable fashion is rooted in the understanding that sustainability is the result of habit, not a random act. Her vision is not limited to encouraging environmentally friendly practices in the production and consumption of clothing, shoes, and accessories. She aims to challenge and change the prevailing mindset, inspiring us to focus on what gives us energy and to recognize the significance of our differences.

As a mother of two adopted daughters and a passionate professional, Valeriya Hjertenaes is a shining example of the transformative power of sustainable fashion. Her work highlights the vital role fashion can play in crafting a more equitable and sustainable future, echoing her belief that the only way forward is through sustainable habits and practices.

She represents the possibility of change and the potential within us all to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future. Through her work, she’s not only changing the fabric of the fashion industry but also the fabric of society. Valeriya Hjertenaes is a name to remember, a force of change in sustainable fashion, and a beacon for a more sustainable future.

Ethan Chan

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