Rocawear Footwear X JUS10H: A Nostalgic Collaboration

Bridging Comfort, Style, and Retro Vibes - Justin Haynes Teams Up with Rocawear Footwear for a Historic Collaboration


In the ever-evolving world of fashion, collaborations between designers and brands can often lead to the creation of distinct, extraordinary collections. The most recent addition to this trend is the official collaboration between Justin Haynes, the ingenious founder of Jus10H, and the renowned Rocawear Footwear. This collaboration has given birth to a sneaker line that exudes comfort, style, and a palpable sense of nostalgia.

Nostalgia at Its Best

The new sneaker collection draws inspiration from Haynes’ childhood memories. Rocawear, a staple brand during his school days, had a profound influence on his fashion sensibilities. “I remember going to school and Rocawear being one of the staple brands that everyone loved. So, I wanted to create looks that captured that era and played off the tweed fabric sneaker,” Haynes recalls.

Being chosen for a collaboration with Rocawear’s creative department is indeed an honor, reflecting the recognition and respect Haynes has earned in the industry.

The Visionaries Behind the Collection

The successful realization of this collaborative vision was partly due to the work of photographer and videographer Brittain Perez. Capturing the essence of the streetwear and couture brand collaboration perfectly, Perez breathed life into Haynes’ vision, taking the campaign to an unprecedented level.

Models Ray Anthony, Shanice Ibrahim, and Taylor Blue Clarke had the honor of being personally selected by Haynes and Rocawear Footwear’s creative team to showcase this collection. Their presence adds to the vintage feel, emphasizing the historical relevance of this extraordinary collaboration.

Rocawear Footwear X JUS10H: The Future of Sneaker Fashion

The new collection serves as a testament to Haynes’ creative genius and his ability to reinvent and reimagine fashion. By successfully capturing the essence of the past and merging it with modern style elements, the Rocawear Footwear X JUS10H collaboration sets a new benchmark in sneaker fashion.

Stay tuned for more updates on the official website,, or follow Haynes on Instagram @theofficialjus10h to be the first to know about his upcoming projects and collections. As always, we can expect nothing less than extraordinary from Justin Haynes.

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