Police foil planned attack on London Stock Exchange by activists

6 people have been charged on suspicion of a plot to disrupt the London Stock Exchange.
6 people have been charged on suspicion of a plot to disrupt the London Stock Exchange.

6 people have been charged on suspicion of a plot to disrupt the London Stock Exchange.

Targeted Action by Palestine Action Group:

London’s Metropolitan Police revealed that information indicated activists associated with the Palestine Action group were planning to target the London Stock Exchange on Monday. 

The group allegedly intended to cause damage and disrupt trading operations by employing tactics such as “locking on.”

Preemptive Arrests Across Cities:

Law enforcement authorities took preemptive action, resulting in arrests in London, Liverpool, and Brighton on Sunday. 

Six individuals, believed to be part of the planned action, are currently in custody. The arrests were conducted over suspicions of conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

Coordination and Awareness:

The Metropolitan Police, acknowledging the potential for further disruptions during a planned week of action, stated that it was in contact with other law enforcement agencies, including City of London Police.

This coordinated effort aimed to ensure the prevention and mitigation of any additional disruptions.

Media Collaboration in Uncovering the Plot:

The arrests were prompted by information shared by the Daily Express. 

Detective Superintendent Sian Thomas expressed gratitude for the media outlet’s collaboration, stating that their investigative efforts played a crucial role in helping law enforcement intervene successfully.

Swift Response and Limited Timeframe:

Detective Superintendent Thomas emphasized the time sensitivity of the situation, highlighting that the information was provided on Friday afternoon, allowing law enforcement a limited timeframe for intervention. 

The swift and determined efforts of the Metropolitan Police and their collaborators were instrumental in identifying, locating, and apprehending the individuals suspected of involvement in the alleged plot.


The thwarting of this planned attack on the London Stock Exchange underscores the critical role of timely information-sharing and coordinated efforts between law enforcement and media outlets in maintaining public safety and protecting vital infrastructure.

Gary Monroe

Gary Monroe is a seasoned contributor to the Los Angeles Business Magazine, where he offers insightful analysis on local business trends and economic developments. With a focus on Los Angeles' dynamic commercial landscape, Gary's articles provide valuable perspectives for entrepreneurs and business professionals in the city.

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