Peggy Garabekian: A Pageant Star with a Purpose


How Miss Sunshine Brings Light to Pageantry and Philanthropy

In the world of pageantry, few names shine as brightly as Peggy Garabekian’s. Since her entry into the scene in 2015, Garabekian has not only captured titles and hearts but has also redefined what it means to be a queen beyond the crown. Representing Armenia with pride, she has consistently exemplified the values of her heritage, making her a revered figure in both the pageant world and beyond.

Garabekian’s journey began with her debut at Miss Asia USA in 2015, where she was crowned Miss Armenia. Her remarkable performance earned her the Miss Congeniality title, the People’s Choice award, and a spot as the Third-runner up in the Final Five. Her dedication and charisma led her to represent Armenia once again at the Miss United Nations pageant in 2023. However, it was her historic win as the first-ever Miss Sunshine at the Miss World America pageant in 2023 that solidified her status as a pageant icon. Through her participation, Garabekian has diligently worked to uphold Armenian values, showcasing the richness of her culture on the global stage.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Garabekian’s contributions to the pageantry extend into its very fabric. Since 2016, she has thrived as a pageant coach, production manager, and assistant, bringing her comprehensive insight into the creation of successful pageant shows. Her dual perspective as a delegate and a manager has equipped her with a unique set of skills, making her a sought-after mentor and consultant in the business of pageantry.

Garabekian’s impact, however, stretches far beyond the pageant arena. Since 2009, she has been deeply involved in philanthropy and humanitarian efforts, with her commitment growing stronger following her pageant success. A vocal advocate against injustices, she has been at the forefront of numerous projects, notably serving as the president of Unified Young Armenians from 2018 to 2019. Her efforts are driven by a vision to empower the youth, giving them a platform to contribute to societal change positively. Through her expanding influence, Garabekian continues to play an active role in philanthropy, striving to make a lasting difference in the world.

Garabekian’s story is a testament to the power of using one’s platform for good. Her achievements in pageantry are matched by her dedication to humanitarian causes, making her a true beacon of hope and inspiration. Follow her journey and connect with her through her Instagram: @peggygarabekian, where she continues to inspire and engage with a global audience, sharing moments from her life, pageantry insights, and her philanthropic endeavors.

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