Pauler Lam: From Sydney to the World Stage


The Journey of an Asian Australian Dancer Making Waves in LA

Growing up in the heart of Sydney, Australia, Pauler Lam always felt the rhythm in his bones. The pulsating beats, the intricate footwork, and the allure of the spotlight were more than just fleeting dreams for him – they were a calling. Today, as he waltzes across the global stage, his story serves as an inspiration for many aspiring dancers, especially within the Asian Australian and American communities.

In 2015, Pauler took a leap of faith, leaving his homeland and moving to Los Angeles. The City of Angels, known for its glitz and glamour, offered opportunities but also presented numerous challenges. However, for Pauler, obstacles were merely stepping stones. His dedication, hard work, and raw talent soon caught the eyes of top artists and brands.

From sharing the stage with the likes of Ariana Grande, The Jonas Brothers, Doja Cat, and Jackson Wang, to gracing commercials for major brands such as Pepsi, Samsung, and Starbucks, Pauler’s repertoire is vast and varied. His recent collaboration with the globally renowned pop artist, Eric Nam, is a testament to his prowess as both a choreographer and a dancer. Together, they’re setting stages ablaze across the USA, Asia, Europe, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

But Pauler’s journey isn’t just about the applause and the accolades. It’s about breaking barriers. In an industry where Asian representation is often limited, Pauler stands tall, hoping to pave the way for others like him. His story is a beacon of hope, urging Asian Australians and Americans to chase their dreams, no matter how audacious they might seem.

For those keen to catch a glimpse of his magic, Pauler is just a click away. Follow his journey, one dance move at a time, on Instagram @paulerlam.

Morgan Snyder

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