Dr. Stephanie Bathurst: Pioneering Intimacy and Relationship Healing on the North Shore


Integrating Intuitive Intimacy and Evidence-Based Therapies for a Holistic Approach to Love and Well-being

In the serene sunset hills of North Shore, Oahu, Dr. Stephanie Bathurst, a visionary in the realm of intimacy and relationship therapy, offers a unique blend of intuitive intimacy principles with evidence-based therapy. Specializing in a broad spectrum of therapeutic techniques ranging from the Gottman method, Emotion-Focused Therapy, to integrative medicine for mental health and psychosomatic bodywork, Dr. Bathurst’s approach is both innovative and deeply healing. As a Licensed Relationship Therapist, Board Certified Sexologist, Integrative Medicine Specialist for Mental Health, speaker, and coach, she has dedicated her career to fostering sexual optimization, romantic restoration, and interpersonal well-being.

A Confluence of Techniques for Deep Healing and Restoration

Dr. Bathurst’s expertise lies in interweaving sexual optimization—through hormone biohacking, energetic redistribution, and activating breathwork—with romantic restoration. Her approach utilizes verbal and non-verbal transmission techniques alongside core-need discovery to scaffold partner unification. This holistic approach helps clear emotional blockages from trauma and resentment, repattern lifestyles for relationship longevity, and enlighten individuals on fulfillment in eight forms of intimacy.

Employing alternative medicine techniques, Dr. Bathurst stabilizes mental health with herbal and nutritional supplementation, meditative movement, sexual biofeedback, vagal toning, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). As a sound healing enthusiast, pilates practitioner, and certified PFilates instructor for pelvic floor strengthening, she has not only rehabilitated thousands of relationships but also healed her own history with trauma, attachment interference, epigenetic mood disorders, and mind-body disconnection.

Personalized Retreats and Global Online Programs

From her home office on the scenic North Shore, Dr. Bathurst offers retreat clients ocean-view private accommodations and completely personalized therapeutic workshops. These workshops focus on attachment fortification, tantric play, and fostering sexual, spiritual, and emotional openness for raw magnetism. Recognizing the need to support her global clientele, Dr. Bathurst has also crafted online programs aimed at relational and mental health fulfillment at all levels.

Connect with Dr. Stephanie Bathurst

To learn more about Dr. Bathurst’s work or to inquire about her services, visit Bathurst Family Therapy, LLC. Follow her journey and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for insights into achieving a fulfilling relationship and well-being.

Dr. Stephanie Bathurst’s comprehensive approach to therapy is not just about healing relationships but about transforming lives through love, intimacy, and well-being. Her dedication to combining intuitive intimacy with scientifically-backed methods makes her a true pioneer in the field of relationship and intimacy therapy.

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