UK aims to “lighten tax burden” but acknowledges economic challenges

Jeremy Hunt has said there is less scope for tax cuts in the March Budget than last autumn.
Jeremy Hunt has said there is less scope for tax cuts in the March Budget than last autumn.

Jeremy Hunt has said there is less scope for tax cuts in the March Budget than last autumn.


Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has expressed his intent to “lighten the tax burden” in a bid to stimulate economic growth. However, he emphasized the need to approach tax cuts in a responsible manner. 

Last year, Hunt announced a reduction in the main rate of National Insurance, and he has previously hinted at further tax cuts in the upcoming spring Budget.

Previous Tax Cut Announcement:

In the last Autumn Statement, Chancellor Hunt unveiled a cut to the main rate of National Insurance, reducing it from 12% to 10%. This move was part of the government’s strategy to support economic growth.

Emphasis on Responsibility:

While expressing his desire to reduce the tax burden to foster economic dynamism, Chancellor Hunt highlighted the importance of responsible fiscal management. 

He acknowledged that the UK’s economic landscape, marked by low productivity and structural weaknesses, might limit the extent of tax cuts in the upcoming Budget.

Observations from Davos and Cabinet Meeting:

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Chancellor Hunt emphasized the correlation between lower taxes and faster-growing economies.

However, reports from a recent cabinet meeting suggested that he acknowledged potential constraints on tax cuts due to existing economic challenges.

Awaiting OBR Forecasts:

Chancellor Hunt mentioned that he is awaiting the final numbers from the independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). The OBR’s economic forecasts play a crucial role in determining the government’s fiscal decisions, providing insights into the scope for tax cuts or spending increases.

Setting Expectations:

Hunt indicated that the upcoming spring Budget might not offer the same scope for tax cuts as the previous Autumn Statement.

He stressed the need to set realistic expectations regarding the scale of fiscal measures, underlining the government’s commitment to responsible financial management.


Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s commitment to lightening the tax burden as a means of fostering economic growth reflects the government’s ongoing efforts to navigate economic challenges. 

The delicate balance between tax cuts and responsible fiscal management will likely be a focal point in the upcoming Budget, as the government aims to support economic recovery in a measured and sustainable manner.

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