The Compelling Journey of Dr. Karena Setoudeh-Maram: A Queen of Service

From Beauty Pageants to Alzheimer's Awareness, the Reigning Mrs. Cosmos United States 2023 Defines What it Means to Serve and Inspire


Southlake, Texas – In the heart of Texas, the tale of a woman who wears many crowns unfolds. Dr. Karena Setoudeh-Maram isn’t just the reigning Mrs. Cosmos United States 2023. She’s a CEO, a clinical psychologist, a philanthropist, a law student, and above all, a beacon of hope for many.

Born to Serve and Shine

With an aura that can only be described as “compelling,” Karena’s journey into the realm of pageants was almost preordained. “I have always felt I was born to be a Beauty Queen,” she states. This conviction isn’t rooted in vanity but a deep-seated desire to use the platform for a larger cause.

A Race Against Alzheimer’s

The chilling statistic that Alzheimer’s diagnoses are on the rise daily has given Karena a purpose. Her platform, Alzheimer’s Awareness, is more than just a title; it’s a commitment. Her dedication is palpable when she says, “I am in the race and the fight to cure this awful disease.” With the Save My Mind foundation under her guidance, she’s at the forefront of bringing attention and resources to combat Alzheimer’s.

Championing Volunteerism

Being a vocal supporter of the Alzheimer’s Foundation, Karena’s engagement goes beyond mere advocacy. She leads by example, regularly participating in community walk/runs. To her, inspiring others to volunteer is about relentless recruitment. “Recruit, recruit, and recruit some more,” is her simple yet effective mantra.

The Melting Pot of Diversity

Her pride in being Mrs. Cosmos United States 2023 goes hand in hand with her love for the country. “The beautiful diversity. We are the melting pot!” she exclaims. In a world where divisions often overshadow unity, Karena sees America’s diverse fabric as its strength.

Empowering the Next Generation

Pageants, in Karena’s view, are a transformative experience. Every young woman who steps onto the stage leaves with an elevated sense of confidence. But it’s not just about external beauty. Karena urges young girls to seek role models who’ve overcome challenges and continually strive for better.

Finding Light in Challenges

Life wasn’t always rosy for Karena. As a single mother of three, she faced a decade of struggles. But her unwavering goal to ensure a good life for her children saw her through the darkest times. Today, she stands tall, not just as a queen of beauty pageants but as a testament to perseverance.

A Life of Continuous Learning

Karena’s thirst for knowledge and growth is insatiable. At 50, when most people contemplate retirement, she embarked on a new journey – law school. Her story is a compelling reminder that age is just a number, and it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Dr. Karena Setoudeh-Maram’s life can be encapsulated in her quote, “The best form of exercise you can do is bend over and help another up.” From the corridors of M.C. Healthcare, P.A. to the stage lights of beauty pageants, her life is a mosaic of service, resilience, and empowerment. Whether it’s advocating for Alzheimer’s awareness, cheering someone on, or simply being the light in someone’s life, Karena truly embodies the essence of a queen of service.

Morgan Snyder

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