Roxy Aguirre: The Brains, The Beauty, and The Heart


After making a name for herself as a modern day sex symbol and beauty queen, fashion CEO Roxy Aguirre (@bodybyroxy) is ready to show the world the incredible resilience and heart of gold behind the perfectly posed Instagram photos.

About a decade ago, Roxy went through some of the most difficult times of her life. In the span of a few short years, her son was diagnosed with autism, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she was diagnosed with lyme disease. Her previously active and athletic lifestyle dramatically faded into bedridden uncertainties and unspeakable challenges.

“My lyme disease was so aggressive that I was bedridden 80% of the time,” said Roxy. “I never imagined that my life could become so restricted and uncertain, that I could feel so powerless and insecure. I was forced to reevaluate life, and in doing so, I found the strength and drive to pursue my newfound purpose: empowering women to live life at the maximum.”

Roxy created her own beauty amidst the chaos. She knew she wanted to use her stories of life-altering adversity to inspire other women to persist against impossible challenges and create legacies of strength and kindness. As Roxy embarks on her own rediscovery of her sexiest and most confident self after struggles with her mental and physical health, she is excited to show women that they don’t have to compromise beauty in exchange for strength. With an Instagram profile flooded with seductive smiles and provocative poses, she hopes to encourage women to take pride in their sex appeal and feel confident in their bodies.

“My mom and dad have always been my biggest inspiration,” continued Roxy. “My mom was the most sweet, smart, and strong woman I ever met. My dad is the nicest human being in the world and the most well-read and athletic person I know.”
Shortly after her mom’s passing in 2020, Roxy found herself asymptomatic from her battle with lyme disease. Despite the difficulties of the past decade, she found renewed hope and a sense of purpose as she set her mind to using her platform to make the world a better place. She proudly continues her mother’s legacy of kindness in her work every day.

Currently, Roxy is in the process of creating an organization to support kids, adults, and families with autism; this organization will establish multiple farms in different locations around the country where anyone on the autism spectrum can access therapeutic activities, like working with plants and animals. In addition, she is working to prove her iron-strong resilience with her brand, LoveRoxy, which will encompass social events, social media, her nonprofit, and her newest clothing line that tastefully teases the line between sexy and elegant.

“I expect my nonprofit to be in place within the next 5 years, hopefully less,” continues Roxy. “Also, I am in the process of creating a clothing line for women that will make them feel happy and free to embrace their sex appeal without being afraid of being judged or misunderstood— a classy, sexy clothing line for all the beautiful women out there.”

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