Mz.Selfluv’s Journey: From Breakup to 6 Figures


In an in-depth interview with Mz.Selfluv, the visionary entrepreneur behind the impactful podcast “A Breakup is a Wake Up,” we unravel the inspiring narrative of her transformation from personal adversity to a globally recognized coach and retreat facilitator.

1. The Catalyst:

Mz.Selfluv shares that the inspiration behind her entrepreneurial journey stems from a tumultuous 5-year relationship that ended in a breakup. This pivotal moment fueled her desire to help others leave toxic relationships and jobs while also creating financial independence.

2. The Podcast’s Impact:

Since its launch on July 6th, 2019, “A Breakup is a Wake Up” has amassed over 187,000 downloads and reached audiences in 172 different countries. What began as a healing process post-breakup evolved into a platform for global entrepreneurs seeking growth and financial success through podcasting.

3. From Breakup to Breakup Coach:

Mz.Selfluv’s journey took a transformative turn when she invested in a breakup coach to detach from her ex and focus on healing. Inspired by this experience, she became a breakup coach herself, using her podcast as a powerful tool to connect with those in need.

4. Business Evolution:

Over 90% of Mz.Selfluv’s coaching clients originate from her podcast, enabling her to transition into a full-time coach. In 2024, she expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors by becoming a Retreat Facilitator, launching the Self Love Retreat in April, made possible by the credibility her podcast garnered.

5. Scaling Strategies:

Looking ahead, Mz.Selfluv plans to scale her business by organizing Self Love Retreats and collaborating on digital products with her business bestie, Ms.Manifest. This strategic approach aims to increase market share and provide valuable resources to a broader audience.

6. Overcoming Challenges:

Reflecting on challenges, Mz.Selfluv highlights the importance of avoiding victim mode and the necessity of a supportive community. Consistent action, surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals, and tracking daily business data have been instrumental in overcoming obstacles.

7. Continuous Learning:

To remain at the forefront of her industry, Mz.Selfluv stays open-minded and embraces discomfort, avoiding a know-it-all attitude and continuously absorbing new information to foster growth.

8. Learning from Mistakes:

Acknowledging her biggest mistake – attempting to do everything alone – Mz.Selfluv emphasizes the necessity of a supportive community for entrepreneurial success.

9. Managing Risks:

Mz.Selfluv navigates risk by adopting a low-risk, high-reward mentality, highlighting the minimal risk but substantial rewards of starting her podcast and viewing setbacks as setups for comebacks.


Mz.Selfluv’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-love and community support. Her story serves as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of personal growth and entrepreneurship. Connect with Mz.Selfluv on Instagram @mz.selfluv and message “love” for support on your journey to self-love.

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