Martial Art Master David M. Schwartz Launches Global Sensation: Revolutionary Adrenaline Control in Martial Arts Redefining Self-Defense Mastery


David M. Schwartz, renowned as a Martial Arts Master, Movie Producer, Author, and World Class Entrepreneur, has introduced a groundbreaking breakthrough. The Power of Adrenaline Control.  His method, known as “Sting of the Scorpion,”  By teaching students how to punch, and where to punch. and bringing your Adrenaline to its fullest potential in a split second. For kids, it’s an Anti-Bullying. For Women it’s Anti-Rape, and for Men, it’s self-defense for themself and their loved ones. We guarantee this is the most effective instant self-defense ever taught! Just one session, that’s all it takes.

Schwartz’s journey began in the 1970s under the guidance of legendary Martial Artist Bruce Lee and his first training in self-defense came from Legend 6 degree Ken Knudson. Ken was the top disciple of the greatest Martial Artist of all time, Bruce Lee. This was a huge honor! Later, he delved into the secretive teachings of the Green Dragon Society, an underground Kung-fu school that instilled in him the importance of discipline, respect, and Adrenaline Control.

The Green Dragon Society’s hint at Adrenaline Control, enforced through the threat of bodily harm, left a profound impact on Schwartz. Drawing from this experience, he developed the “Sting of the Scorpion,” a self-defense technique that harnesses the power of Adrenaline to instantly provide strength and feel no pain or fear in critical moments. 

1980s, Teaching at the Sheriff Dept.

Schwartz further Developed Adrenaline Control to a complete science. He made it easy to understand. And easy to learn. He took what was a fraction of what was taught to him and turned it into a complete style of self-defense. The bump that he learned he turned into a mountain. 

Unlike traditional Martial Arts, which may focus on complex forms and high kicks, Schwartz’s method prioritizes practicality and efficiency. It eliminates the need for years of training, intricate movements, and elaborate rituals, offering individuals superhuman abilities in a split second.

Central to the “Sting of the Scorpion” is the mastery of Adrenaline Control, enabling practitioners to unleash their full potential instantaneously. By learning where and how to strike with precision, individuals can gain a complete advantage in life-or-death situations.

Martial Arts Master David M. Schwartz in early years of training

Schwartz’s expertise in Martial Arts and his unique approach to self-defense have garnered recognition from various quarters. During the 1980’s he was appointed a Deputy Sheriff and taught self-defense training to the Cook County Sheriff’s Department.

In addition to his Martial Arts ability, Schwartz is a prolific filmmaker and author. His movie, “Las Vegas Blood Bath,” earned acclaim as rated #4, as the goriest B-horror movie of all time. Furthermore, his book “Dana Plato’s Retreat” has been adapted into a screenplay, slated for production as a feature film.

With the launch of his latest venture, the “Sting of the Scorpion,” Schwartz will empower individuals with the ability to protect themselves effectively in any situation. Through his innovative approach, he will revolutionize the field of self-defense training, offering an effective and instant solution to personal safety concerns.

The establishment of the Black Scorpion Society signifies Schwartz’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Anyone concerned about their safety or loved ones is invited to join this exclusive community, where they can learn the secrets of the “Sting of the Scorpion” and unlock their potential for self-preservation.

In a world where threats to personal safety can happen any second, Martial Arts Master David M. Schwartz stands as a beacon of hope, offering individuals a transformative path to empowerment and personal security through his revolutionary self-defense technique. To have these powers go to

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