Judge orders liquidation of Alex Jones’ assets to compensate Sandy Hook families

Judge orders liquidation of Alex Jones' assets to compensate Sandy Hook families
Judge orders liquidation of Alex Jones' assets to compensate Sandy Hook families

A judge mandated the liquidation of Infowars host Alex Jones’ assets, clearing the way for possible payouts to families of the targets of the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting.

Court Ruling on Personal and Corporate Assets

In a significant ruling, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez has ordered the liquidation of Infowars host Alex Jones‘ personal assets, facilitating potential payouts to the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting.

However, the judge decided against liquidating Mr. Jones’ company, Free Speech Systems, which owns the Infowars brand.

Defamation Judgements and Liquidation Details

Relatives of the Sandy Hook victims have won a total of $1.5 billion (£1.2 billion) in defamation judgments against Mr. Jones and his company due to his false claims about the tragic event.

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The liquidation will force the sale of Mr. Jones’s personal assets, which include a multimillion-dollar ranch, other properties, cars, boats, and guns. Recent court filings indicate that Mr. Jones has approximately $8.6 million in personal assets.

Operation of Free Speech Systems

Despite the personal asset liquidation, Free Speech Systems and Infowars will continue to operate.

According to court filings, Free Speech Systems employs 44 people and generated nearly $3.2 million in revenue in a recent month, primarily from selling dietary supplements and other items.

The decision to keep the company operational aims to maintain its revenue stream and preserve jobs while enabling the pursuit of defamation damages through state courts or further bankruptcy proceedings.

Family Reactions and Future Actions

The families of the Sandy Hook victims were divided on whether Free Speech Systems’ corporate bankruptcy should also transition to a liquidation procedure.

However, Judge Lopez emphasized that creditors would be better served by pursuing their rights in state courts, allowing the plaintiffs to continue their efforts to collect the damages awarded to them.

One of the attorneys representing the families, Christopher Mattei, expressed their intention to act swiftly.

“The court authorized us to move immediately to collect against all Infowars assets, and we intend to do exactly that,” Mattei stated on Friday. He also emphasized that Alex Jones is the perpetrator of significant defamation, not a victim or martyr.

Impact and Emotional Court Decision

Judge Lopez, who appeared deeply emotional during the ruling, acknowledged the complexity and difficulty of the case.

“There’s no easy or right answer here,” he said, stressing the importance of allowing the plaintiffs to pursue their state court rights.

The decision marks a crucial step in seeking justice and compensation for the families affected by Alex Jones’ false statements regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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