Finding high-interest savings accounts in UK amid steady inflation

Few of the best rates are easy to access and notice options rather than ones that close money away.
Few of the best rates are easy to access and notice options rather than ones that close money away.

Few of the best rates are easy to access and notice options rather than ones that close money away.

Navigating Savings in a Steady Inflation Environment

As inflation remains steady at 4% in January, savers can still find opportunities to outpace the rising cost of living by investing in savings accounts offering competitive interest rates.

Choosing the Right Savings Account

While returns on fixed-rate savings accounts have been declining, variable rate deals have remained stable for now. This has led to the emergence of best-buy options in easy access and notice accounts, offering flexibility for savers.

Resilient Variable Rates

Rachel Springall from Moneyfacts notes that variable rates on top easy access, notice accounts, and Isa equivalents have shown resilience amidst changing market conditions. Savers who value flexibility may find these options appealing.

Top Savings Account Picks

For example, Vanquis Bank offers a 90-day notice account with a competitive rate of 5.4% on savings of £10,000. Similarly, Smartsave offers a one-year fixed-rate bond with a rate of 5.21%, providing a secure option for savers.

Consider Long-Term Gains

While Ulster Bank’s Loyalty Saver easy access account offers 5.20% on balances of £5,000 or more, SmartSave’s fixed rate is guaranteed even if the base rate falls, providing added security for savers.

Variable Rate Options

For those with smaller balances, Cahoot’s Sunny Day Saver offers a variable rate of 5.2% on balances from £1. While this rate slightly edges out Hampshire Trust Bank’s one-year bond at 5.1%, the potential long-term gains may make it a worthwhile choice.


In a landscape where inflation remains steady, savers can still find opportunities to preserve and grow their wealth by carefully selecting savings accounts that offer competitive rates and flexibility. 

Keeping an eye on variable rates and considering the long-term benefits can help navigate the changing financial environment effectively.

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