Douglas Vermeeren: Hollywood’s New Bad Boy on Rising Stardom, Unique Projects, and the Impact of SAG Strikes

An Exclusive Interview with the Actor and Stuntman


LA Magazine: The city of angels has always been a beacon for talent, but every so often, a star shines so bright that Hollywood can’t help but take notice. One such star is Douglas Vermeeren, often referred to as Cinema’s new bad boy, not just for the intriguing characters he portrays but for the gusto he brings to each role. We sat down with the talented actor and stuntman to discuss his latest projects, working internationally, and his thoughts on the ongoing SAG strikes.

Douglas Vermeeren: First off, thank you for having me. It’s always an honor to share my journey.

LA Magazine: We’re eager to hear about the recent projects you’ve been working on, especially in LA.

Douglas Vermeeren: I just wrapped up a horror film titled “Tenants,” penned by Mary O’neill, But Wallick, and Sean Mesler. I play Leonard, a character with deep-seated secrets that pose grave dangers to the residents of an apartment complex he manages. The story promises to introduce some fresh spins to the horror genre. And there’s another project for Paramount Plus that I can’t disclose just yet, but fans should be on the lookout!

LA Magazine: It sounds like you’ve been globe-trotting with roles outside LA as well. How has that experience been?

Douglas Vermeeren: Oh, absolutely! I was recently in Canada for a film titled “Jackknife,” a narrative that’s crucial for today’s racial environment. The story revolves around two black teens wrongly accused of a crime, leading to a high-stakes chase. Shortly after, I’m set to work on another horror, “Fresh Meat,” in late October. Then I’m teaming up with martial arts legend Cynthia Rothrock for a western titled “Black Creek.” We’ll be shooting in Tucson, Arizona.

As for the differences in shooting locations, it’s not so much about the place but the director. Each director brings their unique style and energy, which shapes the film’s ambiance. But it’s a collective effort – a movie is a product of a dedicated team.

LA Magazine: There’s been a lot of talk about the SAG strikes. Has that influenced your decision to work more outside LA?

Douglas Vermeeren: The strikes have impacted projects globally, not just in LA. Some of the projects I’ve been a part of have procured waivers to proceed. I’ve felt the repercussions, but many are suffering more than I am. I genuinely hope for a swift resolution.

LA Magazine: As we wrap up, any words for your fans?

Douglas Vermeeren: An immense thank you. I owe my career to movie aficionados. Their support allows me to do what I cherish.

For those eager to keep up with Douglas Vermeeren’s cinematic journey, you can follow him across major social media platforms and check out his official site at We are undoubtedly excited to see where this talented ‘bad boy’ will take Hollywood next.

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