Will Smith on finding true happiness

"... You realize that ecstasy isn't happiness; peace is happiness and balance," Smith said, sharing what he's found is the key to his happiness.
"... You realize that ecstasy isn't happiness; peace is happiness and balance," Smith said, sharing what he's found is the key to his happiness.

“… You realize that ecstasy isn’t happiness; peace is happiness and balance,” Smith said, sharing what he’s found is the key to his happiness.

Will Smith, the 55-year-old star of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, recently opened up about his personal journey toward finding true joy on the Full Send podcast.

He shared his profound insights into achieving happiness after reaching what he calls the “cliff top”—a metaphorical place of having achieved all possible external successes.

Understanding the ‘Cliff Top’

Smith described the “cliff top” as a place where one realizes there are no more new experiences to achieve externally.

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“People talk about rock bottom and I coined a phrase that there’s a corresponding place, I call it ‘cliff top,'” he said. At this point, no more sex, money, or success can provide further fulfillment, leading to what he describes as an “abyss.”

Turning Inward

Upon reaching this existential threshold, Smith emphasized the need for an inward journey. “You have to make a decision and trust that the universe wasn’t created for you to run out of things,” he explained.

This involves looking internally and getting one’s “inner house in order.” Smith posed the challenging question: “Can you cultivate a joyful spirit just with you and you?”

The Process of Self-Realization

When discussing how to achieve this state of inner peace, Smith suggested that people must first exhaust the external joys of the world.

“Just exhaust the joys of this world and you’re going to have a really, really hard night one night, and you’re going to be laying there by yourself and nothing is going to f—— mean anything to you,” he reflected.

This moment of existential crisis is followed by a period of detoxification, where one confronts the “monsters in your mind”—the same desires that drove them to seek external achievements.

Smith emphasized that these cravings and desires need to be reconciled: “All of that craving, all of that scratching, all of that clawing… and then you’ve got to just make peace with that, dude.”

Redefining Happiness

Smith concluded that true happiness is not found in ecstasy but in peace and balance. “Ecstasy isn’t happiness, peace is happiness, balance,” he stated.

His insights highlight the profound shift from external validation to internal harmony as the key to lasting joy.

In sharing his journey, Will Smith provides a powerful perspective on the pursuit of happiness, emphasizing the importance of inner peace over external achievements.

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