The pricey perfection of avocado toast in Los Angeles 

The expensive Polo Lounge serves breakfast with a side of eye candy.
The expensive Polo Lounge serves breakfast with a side of eye candy.

The expensive Polo Lounge serves breakfast with a side of eye candy.

California’s culinary treasures, from Santa Barbara’s fresh uni to Harry’s Berries strawberries and Straus Family Creamery delights, often warrant indulgence. However, the cost of a perfect avocado toast prompts the question: when is the splurge too much?

Iconic Excess at LA’s Glamorous Venue

At one of LA’s most legendary Old Hollywood settings, ordering a plate of avocado toast could land you a bill close to $50 after taxes and gratuity. For many outside California, this price tag elicits eye rolls and chuckles.

The Unexpected Value of a Toast

Surprisingly, the $38 avocado toast at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel earns its price tag. It’s not just about the avocado and toast; it’s the entire experience it encapsulates.

Beyond Avocado and Bread

What you’re really investing in is the ambiance—the cinematic drive onto the property along palm-lined paths, the plush red carpet entry, and the opulent lobby. Dining at this iconic celebrity haunt in one of LA’s most affluent neighborhoods offers a sense of exclusivity that justifies the extravagant price tag.

The Price of the Experience

It’s not merely about a slice of toast with avocado; it’s the narrative that surrounds the meal. The lavish surroundings, history, and allure of being in one of LA’s poshest ZIP codes elevate the entire dining affair, making it an experience worth its luxurious cost.

Gary Monroe

Gary Monroe is a seasoned contributor to the Los Angeles Business Magazine, where he offers insightful analysis on local business trends and economic developments. With a focus on Los Angeles' dynamic commercial landscape, Gary's articles provide valuable perspectives for entrepreneurs and business professionals in the city.

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