MrBeast’s u-turn on X generates massive views and revenue

The world's most famous YouTuber, MrBeast, has disclosed he made over $250,000 (£197,000) from sharing a video on X, formerly Twitter.
The world's most famous YouTuber, MrBeast, has disclosed he made over $250,000 (£197,000) from sharing a video on X, formerly Twitter.

The world’s most famous YouTuber, MrBeast, has disclosed he made over $250,000 (£197,000) from sharing a video on X, formerly Twitter.

Background: Initial Reluctance to Post on X

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, initially expressed reluctance to post on Elon Musk’s X platform, citing the platform’s meager advertising revenue. 

However, in a surprising U-turn last week, he uploaded an old video on X, garnering over 155 million views.

Elon Musk’s Strategies to Boost X Engagement

Elon Musk, the owner of X since October 2022, has implemented various strategies to enhance engagement on the platform. Initiatives include revenue sharing with high-profile creators, akin to models on platforms like YouTube. 

However, X has faced challenges, with declining traffic and a plunge in advertising revenue amid Musk’s disputes with advertisers over issues such as hate speech and misinformation.

MrBeast’s Experiment on X

MrBeast’s decision to post on X was closely monitored, given the platform’s business struggles. Despite prior assertions that even a billion views wouldn’t make it worthwhile, MrBeast’s video on X generated substantial attention.

Result and Skepticism

The video achieved more than 155 million views, prompting speculation on the potential advertising revenue. MrBeast expressed curiosity about the revenue but suggested it might be a “bit of a façade.” 

Analysts noted the challenge of replicating such success without MrBeast’s massive profile, emphasizing the need for substantial traffic.

MrBeast’s Revenue and Influence

While MrBeast claimed to have made $250,000 from the video, experts noted the difficulty of achieving similar results without a significant audience. 

Influencers’ earnings vary based on individual deals, with top-tier creators negotiating special rates. 

Forbes estimated MrBeast’s yearly income from his YouTube channel at $54 million in November 2022, and his substantial online presence has attracted attention from potential partnerships and platforms.

Future Prospects for MrBeast

With a growing subscriber base of 233 million on his YouTube channel, MrBeast’s influence continues to rise. Reports suggest he is exploring a significant deal for a show with a major streaming platform. 

Despite the success on X, MrBeast’s primary income source remains YouTube, where his videos can earn over $1 million over time, according to influencer analytics platform WeArism.

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