Los Angeles restaurant blends tradition and modernity in Sichuan impression

Jialun Xiong emphasizes "intricacies and textures" at a Sichuanese eatery in Los Angeles.
Jialun Xiong emphasizes "intricacies and textures" at a Sichuanese eatery in Los Angeles.

Jialun Xiong emphasizes “intricacies and textures” at a Sichuanese eatery in Los Angeles.

Architectural Harmony:

Located in Alhambra, California, Sichuan Impression’s third outpost, designed by LA-based Jialun Xiong, seamlessly blends traditional Chinese architectural elements with a modern and relaxed aesthetic. 

Spanning 2,000 square feet, the restaurant takes an elegantly pared-down approach to family-style dining, with subtle nods to Sichuanese design.

Muted Palette and Natural Materials:

Jialun Xiong chose a muted palette and natural materials, including warm and soft colors, walnut furniture, and metal accents, to create an inviting atmosphere. 

The design encourages guests to explore the intricacies and textures that reveal themselves upon closer inspection, fostering a contemplative dining experience.

Thoughtful Spatial Division:

The restaurant is divided into four distinct dining areas, each open to the others but defined by different styles of seating. 

Partitions with alternating heavy grey plaster and delicate metal mesh screens create a visual rhythm. Circular openings in the partitions align to offer continuous views along minimalist walnut tables and benches.

Custom Chandeliers and Nods to Tradition:

Custom chandeliers, inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, hang above each compartment, reflecting Xiong’s skeletal furniture designs. 

The use of green fabric in booths resembles bamboo, a nod to common materials in Sichuanese design. The design pays homage to traditional elements while embracing a contemporary and comfortable dining environment.

Private Dining Space:

Towards the back, a private dining area with a sliding partition can accommodate 16 guests or be divided into two groups of eight. 

A circular window offers a glimpse into this private space, where the material palette continues, maintaining a cohesive design throughout the restaurant.


Sichuan Impression’s third outpost in California not only serves up culinary delights but also provides a visual feast for guests. 

The thoughtful combination of traditional and modern elements in the restaurant’s design by Jialun Xiong creates a harmonious environment, enriching the overall dining experience.

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