Los Angeles CEO Geoff Jimenez Talks About his Higher Purpose


CEO and Philanthropist Geoff Jimenez is determined to promote diversity while helping others, and he is now specifically focusing on the elderly community. Jimenez has always been adamant on giving back especially with his background in home health. He is now a CEO in the medical network service and home health industry in both California and the Midwest. After becoming CEO of the Miss Filipina International Pageant and focusing on the empowerment of women, he is shifting his focus back to helping the older generation.

Geoff is now adapting his abilities to work more closely with the lifestyle industry. He aspires to promote an inclusive and welcoming culture by using his enthusiasm for assisting individuals who have been unjustly and historically disadvantaged. His focus on helping the elderly community is deeply rooted and his passion for it is as strong as ever.

CEO and Philanthropist Geoff Jimenez

“I want to help the elderly,” said Geoff. “I am really looking forward to supporting them by donating to organizations and charities, and also donating my time to help out at soup kitchens and other events.”

Geoff consistently prioritizes his responsibility to help others regardless of his busy schedule, as he begins his career transition into the lifestyle industry. He is unwavering in his conviction that success is defined by the amount of good he can contribute to the world, especially by helping anyone who isn’t represented equally in society. He is thrilled to encourage people to join in the delights of celebrating their roots while continuing to pay their blessings forward as he grows his success.

“This industry allows me to keep people happy,” continued Geoff. “That’s the gratification. You’ll make it yourself. It’s all about making a difference in their lives and inspiring other people.”

CEO and Philanthropist Geoff Jimenez

Now that he is heavily focusing on helping senior citizens, his outlook on success with his previous endeavors remains strong. After being able to support young women as they create their bright futures, he recognizes that his duty as a philanthropist should not end there: another huge community of historically disadvantaged people still need help every single day.

Elderly individuals need care and comfort to live a healthy life free from anxieties, especially since old age is a delicate stage. Seniors who live at home are often subconsciously overlooked by family members who are unaware of their changing behavioral patterns; their need for intensive care isn’t easy to come to terms with when transitions in their wellbeing can happen so quickly. Geoff is passionate about alleviating some of these difficulties, as he understands that home health care is very valuable to the elderly and their families.

Geoff recognizes that his work in providing comfort and services to the elderly community helps many families as they support their aging loved ones . Unfortunately for many people, home health can be unattainable, due to many restrictions including cost and accessibility. With his history in the industry, Goeff has the power to bring a sense of safety and security to the elderly and their families, as he strengthens the services provided to those who need it most.

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