Los Angeles business owner frustrated after series of burglaries

According to the business owner, her store has been looted over a dozen times.
According to the business owner, her store has been looted over a dozen times.

According to the business owner, her store has been looted over a dozen times.


A Hesperia business owner, Fabiola Diaz, expressed deep frustration and a sense of hopelessness after her establishment, 760 Discount Tools, fell victim to yet another burglary, with the latest incident involving a group of thieves using a truck to break into the shop. 

Surveillance footage captured the bold act as the truck intentionally backed into the store, allowing hooded thieves to load stolen goods. Diaz, alerted by her phone, watched the burglary unfold remotely, feeling helpless.

Ongoing Security Challenges:

760 Discount Tools has faced a relentless series of burglaries, with Diaz revealing that the count exceeded a dozen break-ins. 

The ongoing security challenges have taken a toll on the business owner, who described the situation as stressful and has now contemplated whether it is feasible to continue operating.

Emotional Toll and Safety Concerns:

The repeated break-ins have not only impacted the business but have also raised concerns about the safety of employees. 

Diaz emphasized the family-oriented nature of the business and expressed reservations about putting employees’ lives at risk for material possessions. 

The emotional toll on the owner and the dilemma of prioritizing safety over business continuation highlight the complex challenges faced by small business owners dealing with criminal activities.

Community Impact and Support:

The situation at 760 Discount Tools underscores the broader impact of such crimes on the local business community. 

The owner’s uncertainty about the future of the business prompts considerations about community support, law enforcement efforts, and the need for enhanced security measures to prevent further incidents.


Fabiola Diaz’s experience with the ongoing burglaries at 760 Discount Tools reflects the emotional toll and safety concerns faced by small business owners dealing with criminal activities. 

The decision on whether to continue the business becomes a poignant reflection of the challenges associated with maintaining a safe and secure environment for both the business and its employees. 

The incident also highlights the importance of community support and collective efforts to address security issues affecting local businesses.

Gary Monroe

Gary Monroe is a seasoned contributor to the Los Angeles Business Magazine, where he offers insightful analysis on local business trends and economic developments. With a focus on Los Angeles' dynamic commercial landscape, Gary's articles provide valuable perspectives for entrepreneurs and business professionals in the city.

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