Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry Bond Over “Ugly Cry Face” in Heartwarming Exchange


Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry recently showed that even celebrities can have relatable moments when it comes to emotions. The two stars bonded over their shared experience of having an “ugly cry face” in a hilarious interaction that took place online.

In a post on Twitter, Kardashian shared a photo of herself in tears, captioning it, “I’m gonna give birth any day now, and I’m just so emotional lol.” Perry responded to the tweet with a photo of herself crying, writing, “If you ever need a crying shoulder…I’m here.”

Kardashian then replied to Perry’s tweet, saying, “I love you and your cry face!” and adding a series of crying emojis. Perry responded with a simple “hahaha” and a heart emoji, showing that the two stars were able to find humor in their shared experience.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to share their vulnerable moments on social media, but this exchange between Kardashian and Perry was especially heartwarming. It’s a reminder that even those in the public eye can relate to each other’s struggles and insecurities.

The conversation between the two stars also highlights the power of social media in connecting people from all walks of life. Despite being at different stages in their careers and having vastly different lifestyles, Kardashian and Perry were able to find common ground and bond over a shared experience.

This interaction between Kardashian and Perry has been widely shared and commented on, with many fans praising the two stars for their authenticity and relatability. It’s a refreshing reminder that celebrities are human too, and that even the smallest moments of connection can have a big impact.

In the end, the exchange between Kardashian and Perry shows that it’s okay to be vulnerable and emotional, even if it means showing off an “ugly cry face”. It’s a reminder to embrace our imperfections and find humor in our shared experiences, no matter who we are or where we come from.

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