Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO to expand their family with IVF

The singer and his wife announced on Tuesday, June 4, that they intend to expand their family via in vitro fertilization.
The singer and his wife announced on Tuesday, June 4, that they intend to expand their family via in vitro fertilization.

The singer and his wife announced on Tuesday, June 4, that they intend to expand their family via in vitro fertilization.

Jelly Roll’s Commitment to Health

Jelly Roll, the 39-year-old singer and rapper, recently appeared on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast on June 4 and shared some exciting news about his family plans.

The artist, known for hits like “Need a Favor,” revealed that he has lost over 60 pounds in a bid to improve his health and longevity. The motivation behind this weight loss is his desire to see his children grow and to keep up with any new additions to his family.

“My wife and I are talking about having a baby, and it really made me realize that at almost 40, I was like, it means I got to live to at least 60. I got to see this kid into college,” said Jelly Roll, who is already a father to daughter Bailee Ann, 16, and son Noah Buddy, 7½, from previous relationships.

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Reflecting on the premature death of Jerry Garcia at age 53, Jelly Roll added, “I was young, so I was like, ’56 would be great for me! … It’s better than 27 when all the other stars died. It’s 27 or 56 in the celebrity world. Let me be 56.’ But now I’m like, ‘I’d like to see my 60s.’ You know what I mean? And that really lit it up.”

Bunnie XO Shares IVF Plans

Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll’s wife since 2016, shared the news on her Instagram page, posting a clip from the podcast. She disclosed that the couple has decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) to expand their family.

“Papabear dropped a surprise on this pod today,” Bunnie wrote in the video caption. “We had planned on doing this privately, but decided our ivf journey needed to be shared because we’ve always been so open.”

She added, “And w/all odds stacked against us, it’s always been hard & we have only just begun,” accompanied by a watery-eyed emoji. Bunnie’s caption concluded with a hopeful note, “God Willing- Baby DeFord 2026 💫 @bussinwtb.”

Understanding IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure in which mature eggs are surgically removed from a woman’s ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a laboratory.

The fertilized embryos, or blastocysts, are then cultured for three to six days before being transferred into the uterus. This process aims to achieve successful implantation and a healthy pregnancy.

A Journey of Hope

By sharing their IVF journey publicly, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO hope to inspire and connect with others going through similar experiences.

Their openness about the challenges and hopes they face underscores their commitment to family and health. As they embark on this new chapter, fans and followers are rooting for a successful outcome and the arrival of Baby DeFord in 2026.

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