It’s All About Self Love and Skincare According to Chin Simpson

In an effort to bring people closer to a healthy relationship with both themselves and their skin, Skin Poem hopes to inspire people all over the world by providing sustainable healing.


Christine “Chin” Simpson is looking to promote both positivity and sustainability through her incredible skincare brand, Skin Poem, a socially conscious brand that includes poems of affirmation on each product. Chin’s goal is to make users feel confident in her products and confident in themselves, no matter what they look like on the outside. For Chin, self-love and healing go hand in hand.

Skin Poem was created at a time where people needed love and words of affirmation most: during the pandemic. Chin started to brainstorm the concept for the brand and began to see it as a possibility for her to create back in 2021. At the time, she was unable to leave the country due to the strict lockdown rules enforced in the Philippines, and her main inspiration for the brand was actually her brother’s struggle with his own skin.

“When he had his first ever severe psoriasis attack,” Chin recalls, “I do remember that he was alone by himself in Vancouver, and there was no way for him to fly here, or for us to fly there to take care of him.”

As her brother had to deal with this sudden change on his own, Chin and her family sent him positive messages and provided him with as much love as they could from a significant distance. Chin decided to try to replicate some of his skincare essentials and send them to him, in order to ensure a steady supply. As she started to do research on these products, she realized she could not only create the products herself in order to support her brother, but also fulfill her dreams of becoming a successful business woman.

“I come from a family where I felt like being a business woman wasn’t an option,” says Chin. “I come from a family of businessmen, not businesswomen.”

Now, Skin Poem is preparing for the official big launch in the Philippines, and after that, the company is looking to hopefully expand globally and spread its positivity to the rest of the world. As for the future of the brand’s image, Skin Poem is looking to focus on high quality products at an affordable price. To Chin, the ingredients, the sustainability, and the thought put into it is the most important part of the product, and sourcing ethical suppliers for packaging comes close after that.

“As long as you know that you’ve accepted it, you’re fighting for it, and you’re trying to heal it,” Chin explains, “It’s not just about the superficial part of beauty. It’s about really embracing the totality of your persona and just really accepting and embracing who you are.”

Chin’s most important piece of skincare advice, for both consumers of her brand and anyone who struggles with their skin, is to love and accept yourself first. As she says, “Once you love yourself on the inside, the outside will be able to reflect that. Healing your skin is important, but won’t successfully happen without healing your mind and heart.”

The feeling of hatred for both one’s skin and also other aspects is not an uncommon experience. While many skincare brands focus on only healing skin, Skin Poem looks to simultaneously heal one’s relationship with themselves. With positive messages on each product, Chin has replicated the love she was sending to her brother during his skin battle and is excited to send that love to everyone who needs it.

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