Empowering Beauty: The Story of Lynn Jenkins and Sydoni Skincare and Beauty, Inc.

Inspiring Confidence Through Cruelty-Free Products and Personal Connection


Lynn Jenkins, the President and CEO of Sydoni Skincare and Beauty, Inc., has fostered a decades-long relationship with the beauty industry. This article explores her journey, her brand, and her passion for helping others look and feel their best.

Building Sydoni: Inspired by Family and Strength

Lynn’s brand name, SYDONI, is a beautiful blend of her daughter’s names, Sydni and Soni, symbolizing unwavering strength and individual beauty. As a breast cancer survivor, Lynn drew inspiration from her daughters’ courage to launch her inclusive, cruelty-free beauty brand.

A People-First Approach: Tailoring Beauty to Individual Needs

Lynn believes in a unique approach that emphasizes the importance of a daily skincare regimen. She helps clients tailor their skincare routines and makeup looks to fit their personality and lifestyle, ensuring that beauty enhancement is easy and uncomplicated.

Expanding the Brand: Sydoni’s Retail Location and Men’s Line

Earlier this year, Lynn opened the Sydoni Skincare and Beauty retail location, extending her expertise to face and body care for both women and men. With the addition of men’s skin and beard care products, Sydoni is reaching new audiences.

Previous Experience: A Strong Foundation in Aesthetics

Before Sydoni, Lynn worked in the aesthetic space, supporting the sales and education of Cosmeceuticals to Physicians and Aesthetic professionals in Texas. Her background allowed her to infuse her brand with expert knowledge.

Giving Back: Contributing to the Beauty Community

Lynn’s passion goes beyond her brand; she also contributes as a beauty writer for fyi50 plus magazine, a Dallas-based lifestyle publication.

Conclusion: An Inspiring Force in the Beauty Industry

Lynn Jenkins has built a brand that resonates with many, embracing courage, strength, and individual beauty. Through Sydoni Skincare and Beauty, Inc., she continues to inspire and empower, proving that enhancing natural beauty should be a personal and rewarding experience. Her commitment to cruelty-free products and a people-first approach sets a precedent for beauty brands worldwide.

Lynn Jenkins, President, CEO
Sydoni Skincare and Beauty, Inc.

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