Austin Butler expresses desire to learn flying after “Masters of the Air”

The actor features as a WWII pilot in the upcoming Apple TV+ series.
The actor features as a WWII pilot in the upcoming Apple TV+ series.

The actor features as a WWII pilot in the upcoming Apple TV+ series.

Aviation Aspirations

Austin Butler, known for his role in the Apple TV+ miniseries “Masters of the Air,” expressed a keen interest in taking to the skies and learning to fly. 

The actor, attending the series premiere, shared his desire and mentioned catching the aviation bug during the filming of the show, which revolves around U.S. Air Force pilots operating behind enemy lines during World War II.

Flying Skills from Filming

While discussing his flying skills acquired during the series, Butler expressed confidence, stating he feels capable despite some rustiness. The actor, aged 32, hinted at his interest in pursuing flying lessons following his immersion in the world of U.S. Air Force pilots.

Working with Tom Hanks

Butler also shared insights into working with Tom Hanks, one of the executive producers of “Masters of the Air.” 

Describing it as a “pleasure,” Butler praised Hanks for his meticulous approach, kindness, and extensive research into the historical period depicted in the miniseries.

Entertainment on Set

Barry Keoghan, another cast member, revealed some off-screen camaraderie, mentioning that he taught Butler boxing during the filming. 

Keoghan, who plays a pilot in the series, noted Butler’s proficiency in sparring and expressed his own fulfillment in realizing a long-held dream of pl

aying a pilot.

About “Masters of the Air”

In the miniseries, Butler portrays Major Gale Cleven (a.k.a. Buck), a pilot in the 100th Bomb Group of the U.S. Air Force. 

The unit, known as the “Bloody Hundredth,” participated in perilous bombing raids over Nazi Germany, facing extreme conditions and the terror of combat at high altitudes.

This article captures Austin Butler’s post-“Masters of the Air” aspirations, highlighting his interest in flying and the camaraderie among the cast members during the historical drama’s production.

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